Frequently Asked Questions About

The Simple Focus Plan

Thank you for checking out The Simple Focus Plan.  We will try and keep this area current as more questions come in regarding the product, and using the product.

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What is required to use The Simple Focus Plan?

The Simple Focus Plan ebook and worksheets requires a PDF reader like Adobe Reader, or similar.

The Simple Focus Plan template is in Microsoft Word format, and can be used in MS Word, or Open Office or similar applications that read and open a .doc file

The Simple Focus Plan application is a PC based software/application.  It has been tested in multiple Windows operating systems, including Window 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

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How do I install Simple Focus Plan?

To view the ebook and worksheets, simply open the files using your PDF reader application.  you can save them on your hard drive, or, if you received  a CD or DVD, you can open them from there.

The spreadsheets can also be saved to your hard drive, and to save your data within the spreadsheets, you will need to save them on a readable/writable drive, (hard drive, thumb/flash drive etc..)

To install The Simple Focus Plan application, simply drag it from the Zip File to your desktop.

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I have a problem – now what?

You can send us an email and we will do our best to contact you as quickly as possible. Our contact information is on the Contact Us page.