There are probably a milion reasons to have a documented plan for your business, but we will focus on a few primary reasons that are pretty compelling…. But let’s clarify a couple things real quick…You can call it whatever you want – an Annual Plan, a Strategic Plan, an Operational Plan, a Business Plan… you do need to have one.

Think about all of the truly successful (profitable, sustainable) businesses – they all have plans.  Can you really afford to not have a plan?

Before you answer that – here’s some else to think about.  Do you really want to just let your business react to events, or be the victim of circumstances, or do you want to proactively plan for your business growth and define the path you want to take to success. (okay, I knew it was rhetorical question…)

So here is why we think it’s important to have a plan:

Define Measurable Goals & Objectives.  Make your goals and objetives measurable so tha you can see if you are moving i the right direction, and if what you are doing is working.